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Inside you'll find:

Advanced Risk Mitigation

A deep-dive video with the authors about mitigating common lending risks.

Attorney Questionnaire

A list of questions to use as an interview guide when trying to find a local attorney.

Processing Checklist

What documents to ask for from your borrower, when to ask for it, and why it’s important.

Multiple Worksheets and Samples

Sample property criteria worksheet, rates and terms sheet for borrowers, schedule of real estate owned, non-owner occupied letter, wire instructions & checklist, and more!

About Lend2Live

Lend2Live was founded in 2022 by Beth Johnson, one of the co-authors of Lend to Live: Earn Hassle-free Passive Income in Real Estate with Private Money Lending, with a mission to help others invest in private money loans for predictable and passive income through education and a private debt fund offering. Beth, and her husband and business partner, Matt Flynn, are dedicated to educating new and aspiring private money lenders on how to fund a private money loan safely and securely as an alternative investment vehicle. They also focused on building a community for small and independent private lenders, originators, and fund managers – including both passive investors and active business owners – for the purposes of community building, best practice sharing, and curated learning opportunities specific to challenges faced by small business owners. Beth offers small group coaching for new and aspiring private money lenders that blends on-demand web-based content with practical application of the core concepts learned in her book.

The Lend2Live Private Debt Fund (“L2L Fund I LLC”), managed by Lend2Live, is an opportunity for accredited investors to receive consistent and predictable quarterly returns without the speculation and high-risk associated with other investment vehicles. The L2L Fund I LLC is comprised of a portfolio of short-term, asset-based loans conservatively underwritten to achieve a high equity buffer protection with preservation of principal always top of mind.