Two Women with One Goal

This crazy journey started with a Facebook group, then a phone call, and then little by little our paths crossed more and more.

We were complementary in so many ways and identical in so many others. It was uncanny! Somehow we just decided to work together, and off we went!

We learned more about private lending by knowing each other. In the process, we found more people and we found a purpose. One thing we both loved about private lending is the flexibility it offered. Anyone can build a private lending business to the size they want, a method of lending that suits their lifestyle, and devoting as much or as little time as they wanted.

What we found was that many people struggled at some of the same points in the journey. We decided to build a community that addressed some of these needs within our community.

The more we learned about lending, the more we also realized that borrowers needed to be educated in what private lending truly was and how to attract private money to their deals.

Lending is a collaborative team sport, and setting up a borrower for success and having realistic expectations makes the possibility of a loan being successful.

A few years later, our community has grown, we’ve spoken to thousands of people about private lending, and it didn’t feel like enough. We ended up publishing a book with BiggerPockets to bring more awareness to private lending and the possibilities of Investing Passively 2 Live Actively.

Beth Johnson

Managing Partner of Flynn Family Lending, WA

Beth, a Seattle area native, owns and operates Flynn Family Lending, a boutique private lending business based in Renton, WA, alongside her husband, Matt Flynn. A self-described private money matchmaker, Beth prides herself in offering full concierge services for trust deed investors seeking passive income opportunities while providing highly creative and innovative lending products to active real estate investors across the state.

With a 20-year background in corporate training and development, Beth is passionate about enabling others to achieve their financial independence through real estate and has become a frequent event host and speaker at local real estate investing events. She is currently a member of the Education Committee for the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) and a former Board of Directors for the Rental Housing Association of Washington.

As a young girl, Beth learned about real estate from her father who was a wood shop teacher by day and an investor on the side. She began her own investing career in the early 2000s and has experience in many facets of real estate including flips, wholesaling, value-add multi-family, and eventually delving into private lending. She has since grown her own portfolio of small multi-family properties.

In her spare time, you can find Beth enjoying time with her blended family of five, running, traveling, and playing poker.

If you are looking for financing for a property located in the State of Washington, check out her family lending business, Flynn Family Lending!

Beth Johnson
Alex Breshears

Alex Breshears

Private Lending Educator and Community Builder

In her former life, Alex was a chemistry professor, teaching for a four-year school for the past ten years, with a special focus on pharmacology. Her natural talents in presenting make her a wildly popular guest speaker, Alex has appeared on over 70 podcasts to date speaking about all aspects of real estate investing as a private money lender, short-term rental owner, and LP investor in syndications.

Alex enthusiastically believes in investing passively to live actively and helping others achieve the same level of personal freedom. She started an educational Facebook group called Lend2Live: Private Lending Lessons with a mission to promote education, engagement, and networking with other investors about private lending and other passive income strategies including syndications. Alex is also passionate about financial education and independence for female investors.

Currently residing in Virginia, Alex has lived in seven states across the country – and counting. As a military spouse of 20 years, Alex sought out private lending, and its passive cashflow benefits, to support her family – no matter where they were stationed. She seeks to educate others, particularly other active-duty military families, about the geographical freedom of passive investing strategies like private money lending. She also needed a passive income stream because she is a horse mom, and horses are quite expensive! She is happiest in paddock boots, jeans, and a sarcastic t-shirt at the barn with her horse, Xander Leon (nicknamed XL).

Born and raised in Florida, Alex is a true Southern girl who has never met a stranger. She’s a dog mom of four and a horse mom. In her spare time, Alex loves to run (she’s completed two marathons and 16 half marathons) and enjoys cruises with her loved ones.

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