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Fast-Track Your Success as a Private Money Lender with the Lend 2 Live Accelerator Program

Unlock your potential as a private money lender with the Lend 2 Live Accelerator Program, a 90-day intensive that promises to revolutionize your financial trajectory. This elite program, based on the acclaimed concepts from the book Lend 2 Live, offers a 12-week, step-by-step guide to mastering the art of private money lending.

Here's What Sets Us Apart:


Fast-Track Your Journey to Private Money Leanding Success:

Within a mere 90 days, embark on your transformation into a proficient private money lender through our thorough, proprietary 4-phase program. Explore crucial topics such as laying the groundwork, cultivating borrower connections, meticulous verification procedures, nuanced underwriting conditions, seamless deal composition and closure, efficient collection methods, conveyance protocols, and a wealth of additional insights essential for your success!


Weekly Masterclasses

Immerse yourself in the core principles and advanced strategies of private lending with our expert-led masterclasses. Each session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to launch and thrive in the lending industry.


Weekly 1-Hour Zoom Group Coaching

Receive tailored support and practical guidance during our live coaching sessions. These interactive calls ensure you stay aligned with your goals and continue progressing confidently on your path.


Exclusive Community Access

Join the private L2L Community Group, a network of aspiring lenders sharing goals and growth.


Powerful PML Tools

Utilize our precise tools for evaluating and calculating deals to maximize your success.


Event Discounts

Enjoy 20% off Lend 2 Live events for a full year, perfect for networking and continuous learning.


L2L Exclusives

Gain insider access to exclusive contacts and introductions that can significantly advance your lending career.

Limited Space Available!

Get on the waitlist today to get details about our formal summer launch, pricing, and more important updates about our program that’s like no other in the industry. Start your journey toward becoming a successful private money lender.