American Association of Private Lenders - Member Spotlight

July 18, 2022

Alex Breshears is an active member of the American Association of Private Lending, in addition to participating on their Education Committee. She strives to be a voice for individual private lenders who are just starting their journey as a private lender. The beginning stages of private lending can help shape the industry as a whole, as these are our future full-fledged business owners in our industry. She has a quirky larger-than-life personality, is always down for a laugh, and is definitely a “why not” thinker! The combination of Alex and Beth together makes a dynamic team with a complimentary set of skills and outlook making both of them a great addition to the AAPL community. Check out this Member Spotlight about Alex Breshears and the private lending community she built on Facebook providing free education and insight to the private lending space.

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