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Average Joe Finances Podcast with Alex Breshears

July 18, 2022

In this episode, Alex Breshears of Lend2Live talks about real estate as an asset, how Alex got into private lending, and the many perks of private lending for investors. For anyone trying to get into passive investing or real estate in general, Alex has a bit of advice that she wants everyone to have as their heads up. For Alex, having a clear understanding of what fits your lifestyle as an investor is of utmost importance before starting with any investment form. Despite real estate being necessary for the community, matching one’s goals and approach to life with how one wants to invest is not something to overlook. Alex believes it offers anyone an opportunity to learn real estate – from the backseat.

In this episode you will learn:

• “Real estate tends to be a slow-moving asset.”

• Do they fit your goals, skills, time commitment, capital commitment?

• The story behind how the 1st deal happened.

• What does private lending offer you?

• People will always need real estate!

• And much more!

About Alex Breshears: Alex is a private money lender and an educator for private lending and passive investing in real estate. A community group leader, Limited Partner in syndications, aspiring general partner for multi-family syndications, and EMD funder for syndications. Alex Breshears’ mission is to help and inspire others to foster a win-win situation that increases her network and the community’s prosperity. She is a military spouse from New Orleans, Louisiana that values strong partnerships with others and a fabulous crawfish boil! Alex believes that it is essential to smile because life is short and that it is important to make conscious choices each day for success.

Take a listen here: