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BiggerPockets Money Podcast/Blog Episode #328

August 19, 2022

For average investors, private money lending has been mentally squared away as “something mega-wealthy people do.” Most investors will write off lending money because they think they lack the experience or funds to do a successful deal. But what if we told you private money lending requires less money than you thought, that it’s almost completely passive, and that today’s high-interest-rate environment may be the perfect time to start?

Alex Breshears and Beth Johnson are graciously coming in as our private money messiahs, teaching us all how easy (and lucrative) it is to be a private money lender. They’ve been lending for years, not only to supplement their real estate portfolios but often to outright replace them. Private money is far more passive and flexible than performing a flip or BRRRR yourself, and almost anyone (and yes, we mean anyone) can do it in one way or another. It’s such a good way to make more money that Alex and Beth wrote the new BiggerPockets book, Lend to Live, on this exact subject.