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BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast Episode #642

July 31, 2022

Is private money lending the next best way to invest? To the everyday landlord, home flipper, or once-in-a-while investor, private lending seems completely foreign. Why would you lend money when you can put it into your deals? And even if you wanted to, wouldn’t it take millions, or at least a few hundred thousand dollars to get started? Surprisingly, private money lending is available to more people than you think, and it could be your next way to make truly passive income.

Alex Breshears and Beth Johnson were neither millionaires nor active investors when they started lending private money. Over time, they realized that they had grown relationships with active real estate investors, many of which always needed funding for the next deal. While swinging hammers and painting baseboards may sound fun to active BRRRRers or flippers, to Alex and Beth, the passive income that came in from private money lending was even better.