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For Borrowers

If you are a borrower looking for private capital, you are not alone!

Private lenders take the private part of that title seriously, we are the world champs of hide-n-seek ten years running! Lend2Live has been proactively speaking about private lending for years, and we want to share our network with borrowers looking to get access to capital for their properties and projects.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there are a few things to be mindful of when reaching out to lenders. First, all private lenders are going to require the home be an investment property only.

Private funds cannot fund any loans for:

  • A primary residence
  • House hacking a small multifamily property
  • Any property that a direct family member will be occupying the home
  • Short-term rentals that are going to be occupied by the owner more than 14 days in a year

There are plenty of conventional lenders out there for these types of properties. Private lenders do not have the required Federal licensing to originate loans on owner-occupied properties. Please do not send in loan requests for properties that would be considered owner-occupied.

For Properties in Washington State

If you are looking for a loan for a property in the State of Washington, please go to Flynn Family Lending’s website to learn more about their loan products and offerings.

For All Other Properties (OUTSIDE Washington State)

If you are looking for a loan outside the State of Washington, we may have someone in our network that can help with a private loan or affiliated lenders that we know and trust with our borrowers. Click the button below to inquire about what products and options we may have available to you.