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Welcome to Lend2Live!

Welcome to Lend2Live LLC! My name is Beth Pinkley Johnson and I started out in private lending as a side hustle in 2014 with the help of my then-boyfriend/ now-husband, Matt Flynn, figuring things out as I went along. I made mistakes, learned from them, and kept going. At the time, there were few resources available to new and aspiring private lenders and no real way to establish a network, since most private lenders start out inconspicuously like we did.

If you are looking for more information on how to do a private loan, whether you are brand new or feel experienced, we have a how-to manual available from BiggerPockets Publishing! This book really should be a workbook, as it is jam-packed with action items, different people in the loan process to talk to, and what considerations you need to give to each lending opportunity. In addition to the book, we have included several other items as supplemental materials.

  • Personal Private Lending Assessment
  • Property Criteria Checklist
  • Attorney Questionnaire to establish your attorney’s experience with private lending
  • Example of an Insurance Binder request
  • Processing Checklist
  • Sample term sheet for your loan
  • Template for a Borrower Strategy Letter
  • A Non-Owner Occupied Purpose Form
  • Template for a Schedule of Real Estate Owned

Purchase the book directly from BiggerPockets to receive access to a 50-minute Risk Mitigation video as bonus content! Beth and Alex discuss the four most common risks to a lending opportunity and different ways you can mitigate that risk.