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Lend 2 Live Pro Coaching Membership

Elevate Your Lending Game with Professional Guidance and Insider Access

Are you ready to take your private money lending skills to the next level? Introducing the Lend 2 Live Pro Coaching Membership, designed exclusively for those who graduated L2L Velocity Program OR for those current private money lenders who are eager to refine their expertise and maximize their success in the lending world.

What's Included in Your Membership


Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Dive deeper into the complexities of private money lending with Beth and our expert team. These calls are your weekly opportunity to stay connected and supported as you grow your lending business.


Private L2L Pro Community Channel

Join an elite community of professional lenders in our exclusive channel. Share experiences, challenges, and victories with peers who are as dedicated as you are.


Bi-Weekly Hot Seat Deal Reviews

Step into the hot seat or listen as your peers do. These group calls are a dynamic learning experience where real deals are dissected and discussed. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to apply to your own PML transactions.


Complimentary Access to L2L Events

Your membership grants you a free ticket to each L2L event, offering unparalleled opportunities to network with top-tier lenders and industry leaders. Prepare to Propel Your Career to New Heights.

Be the First to Know When We Launch

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to continue your professional growth with the support of Beth and our seasoned team. Sign up now to receive updates and be the first to join the Lend 2 Live Pro Coaching Membership as soon as it goes live!